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The roar of the Death Star exploding would have been impossible to hear at a distance since sound can’t travel in space.

Even though sound cannot propagate through the vacuum of space, that doesn’t mean we don’t know what space sounds like. Audio recordings have provided a wealth of information for space scientists almost since the beginning of the space era. Because of their simple and robust operation, microphones have been included on many past and recent space missions, on which they have recorded wind sounds and dust sounds. They will even accompany NASA’s return mission to Saturn’s moon Titan in the 2030s. Audio recordings allow us to reach far across space but also back and forth through time, and probably the last, soulful vestiges of human civilization will persist in the form of audio long after we’re gone.

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From Wikipedia – Observed on 1 December 2008.
Jupiter and Venus rising on 2023 Mar 1 at about 9am, just a few hours past conjunction.

Flyby of Venus by the JAXA Akatsuki Mission. From Wikipedia –

DAVINCI Visits Hell

Illustration of a spacecraft descending through Venus’ atmosphere. From

With acid clouds, a crushing atmosphere, and a volcanic surface, Venus might be the least hospitable place in our solar system. But, ironically, this hellish world may actually help us unlock the mystery of what makes a planet habitable, and NASA’s recently selected DAVINCI+ mission may be the key.

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Artist’s conception of a Venusian volcano. From

Rivers of molten rock slither across the surface, sulfuric acid rains down, and all beneath an ocean of toxic carbon dioxide. The planet Venus, in contradiction to its namesake, is a hateful place, and though it is now a hellscape, Venus probably started out like Earth. Understanding how these sister planets diverged so radically is one focus of NASA’s recently selected VERITAS mission. As it turns out, Venus’ violent past may be Earth’s future.

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