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With 50-plus attendees, Friday’s event was a great success. Lots of great questions and feedback from the audience.

The next event will take place on Friday, Apr 7 at 7:30p with a talk from Prof. Rory Barnes of U Washington.

Dr. Penev was kind enough to share his presentation with me, and I’ve posted it below.

And our Pony Up Campaign finished on Sunday evening. Thanks so much to all our donors, particularly Mat Weaver, Danielle Weaver, Axel & Nancy Kappes, Scott Ki, Rex Hanson, Sonja Ward, and several very generous anonymous donors. Thanks to you all we will be able to pay for seven site visits around the state.


The weather was up and down all day yesterday, but by the evening, the scattered clouds had completely disappeared, giving us a warm, clear to talk about the OSIRIS-REx mission and do some star-gazing.

The evening started off with a brilliant presentation from Alessondra Springmann, LPL grad student and scientist on the mission. I’ve included a youtube video of her presentation below.

After the talk, we looked at the Moon, Mars, and Saturn through the Physics Dept.‘s telescopes.

Thanks especially to our student volunteers. This wonderful event would not have been possible without their help.