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OCR OC-gain

My PHYS341 students were interested to see how the OCR routine processed their attendance sheet, so I applied it, as shown below.

IMG_3707_orig-scannedThe left panel shows the original, the right the transformed version. The routine did a reasonable job of un-distorting the page (although it wasn’t too bad to begin with).

And here’s what the routine returns as text:

zolto J:)o<-&\
Qfick ${‘bt\L . .
Onras Tkomag
Jam; I-Em!
De»-UV1, ?I‘L\M‘ovV\QJ3€,v'
Ia./I B,a,C/IHMC .
V.o\3 \3<<I°\Ser&eck
jengifcr Brigga
}VK°'('3E\V1c-rad LULAA
Mby Ouersfreci’ '
Tm (jivws ‘
gj)/VIOI/I  ‘
$030-4 “10u\J ‘
{NC /I/1a.V,,,,',q '
O”AKe So/ares
Skwm \<reyc}~e '

…not great.

I’m not totally sure what went wrong. Maybe I should have them write their student numbers instead.

UPDATE: 2016 Feb 5

Here’s another go with a different attendance sheet. Not much better.


I‘/\0,;/{¢r\(~  VETEK BROWN
“$2114!/~, lZoAr.‘%o Pratt.‘
D“""‘ 8'3"’ ' g/"It; /Vlar,//'/1
kpdkl/n\‘f 2011/(IE
ANN <5©<J\M) Vfxit %'L0V\€z &}"-:5 _)_La/\/MAS _ Karm I>q'v‘-5
\Tou—o0l Hand _
'Dz\m/L ?\c\n'ksvvuu‘ev*
Ian I3/¢«'-Ckfia/If ¢
94% \5<<k*?l6<:x\.cLl¢ Jennifer BH995 N\o+‘\'V\c\.6 Luv\0\ . \/\0\\)y 0\,ers+reeJr ’\".m C"\\/Ens _ 51 m cm E 1: Y Jason May A ZPM > M
PIJW1 figu//
jam 5°0W'/J
34681 \4'€y¢}~¢>/