The SLS rocket launches Artemis 1 from Kennedy Space Center’s LC-39B. From

Update (2022 Dec 11) – Orion safely splashed down today about 10:40a Boise time!

I had a great time talking with “Idaho Matters” and Gemma Gaudette at KBSX this morning about the Artemis mission. Check out the questions and answers from the show below, and listen to the interview here.

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The Zodiacal light, a feature that requires unusually dark skies.

(This post previously ran in 2021 May but has been updated.)

Summer is the prime stargazing season. Venture out under the crystal Moon to watch Scorpius chase Orion from the sky. But if you stay within Boise’s city limits, you may find it harder to see some of your favorites. As Boise grows, so too does its footprint in the sky. However, there are many places in Idaho largely unmarred by the glare of municipal growth.

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