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UPDATE (2017 Mar 9)

Due to popular demand, we have re-opened the Pony Up Campaign! If you still need eclipse shades, please donate to help our outreach program.

2017 Idaho Eclipse

On the morning of August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible across the continental United States. The Moon’s shadow will also pass through Idaho, and visitors from all around the world will flock to our state.

To prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime event, Boise State is asking for your support to help us work with communities around the state.

The Challenge

This will be the first eclipse visible across the United State since 1979 and the last one visible from Idaho for more than 150 years. For two hours, the Moon’s disk will cross the disk of the Sun, completely blotting it out for about two minutes during the height of the eclipse.

The eclipse will be visible to the naked eye, but before and after the total eclipse, viewing the Sun directly can potentially damage the eye. And thousands upon thousands of visitors are expected to come to Idaho, posing significant logistical challenges for small municipalities.

The Plan

Boise State is partnering with local libraries, astronomy clubs, and science museums to organize outreach events all over the state throughout 2017.

With these partners, Boise State will host public presentations about the eclipse and provide eclipse shades for safe viewing. One of Boise State’s own, Prof. Brian Jackson, will help organize and lead these efforts.

Here’s where you come in: donations to this campaign will cover the costs of travel, materials, and other expenses related to these events. They will also enable Boise State to support our partners in their own outreach efforts.

To reward your generosity, we are offering a variety of gifts, from VIP access to a public astronomy event to a private stargazing party with Prof. Jackson. And perks stack, so if you donate at a certain level, you also get the perks from lower levels, too.

So help Boise State University reach out across Idaho to make the 2017 solar eclipse an eclipse to remember.